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16 MAY 2022
Global Sage Expands Financial Services Search Practice in Three Key Regions

Global Sage is expanding its financial services executive search practice with several key hires in London, New York and Shenzhen, China. 

01 FEB 2022
CEO Roundtable: New But Not-So-New Trends in Investing

Ten senior executives in the PE, investment and insurance sectors recently joined Global Sage’s CEO roundtable discussions and explored two increasingly hot topics that are impacting investments across all sectors: ESG and the Metaverse.

22 DEC 2021
2021 HR Update: Putting People First, a Matter of Urgency

At a recent luncheon event in Hong Kong, Global Sage invited more than 20 Regional HR Leaders from across industries and sought their views on the foremost people issues, and the strategies being adopted to address them. The 3 emerging themes that were covered: People Science, Agile HR and Employee Experience (EX).

30 nov 2021
Global Sage Announces Strategic Hires

Building on a record year, Global Sage, has announced several strategic hires in Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe/USA, underscoring its commitment to continually invest in building its global leadership team.

30 nov 2021
ESG Watch: ESG integration accelerates in Asia

A 2021 survey by Macquarie Asset Management indicated that institutional investors all over the world are becoming more and more convinced of the impact that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors have on their portfolio strategies.  

21 nov 2021
ESG Watch: Read Our Carbon Emission Policy Statement

Global Sage is committed to making a contribution to addressing the firm’s carbon emissions, developing a sustainable business model and setting a plan for carbon removal efforts. 

20 SEP 2020
Faster Forward – Digitize NOW

Although the insurance industry is behind other sectors in terms of digitalization, customer expectations are forcing insurers to transform faster, with talent representing the most important ingredient for success in digital transformation.  


13 Jul. 2020
Global Sage expands its U.S. Financial Services practice in Boston and Los Angeles

Global Sage launches a major expansion of its North American search practice with the hiring of a new partner in Boston and the opening of a new office in Los Angeles.

June 2020
2020 China Asset Management Update: The Door Opens for Foreign Managers

Read interviews with two key players in China investment management, as well as compensation analysis and market share data.

29 April 2020
Global Sage Hires Senior Financial Services Recruiter in London

Global Sage hires London-based Simon Barzilay, a recruiter with over 30 years of experience in capital markets and executive search focused on financial services.

January 2019
2019 China Asset Management Update: Global Firms Continue Buildouts Despite Volatility

Our inaugural report which includes buy-side compensation data for employees at local/JV and WFOE managers, as well as an interview with Louisa Wong about hiring trends and challenges for foreign managers.

APRIL 2018
Preparing for Disruption: Talent Sourcing In A Rapidly Changing Insurance Market

The Insurance industry faces a period of radical change. Across global markets, new players will emerge while fresh opportunities will be created for existing insurers. Those set to benefit most from these changes are the teams whose hiring strategies now are designed to equip them for the seismic shifts to come.

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