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Iraq, ca. 9th–8th century B.C.

Financial Services

We have a long, successful track record working with clients in global financial services.

Investment Management

We are trusted by large global PE firms, Sovereign Wealth Funds and mid-cap PE funds to resolve hiring strategies in Investment teams, capital raising, and Portfolio Company management.

We have worked extensively with top hedge fund managers specialising in L/S Equity, Credit, Event-Driven and Global Macro strategies.

We have conducted numerous searches for roles in Real Assets, a sector which has seen dramatic inflows of investments from institutional investors around the world.  

We have partnered with a broad range of alternative investors, including some of the world’s top asset owners, on searches for specialised roles. 

We specialise in front-office roles at asset management firms. We cover both traditional and alternative asset management in all major investment strategies and asset classes.

We have placed relationship managers and investment specialists at private wealth managers and private banks around the world. In Asia, we have placed Country CEOs, as well as team heads for global firms, with a focus on Hong Kong/China and Singapore. 

Banks and Other Financial Services

We have successfully placed candidates at almost all leading investment banks across sectors including TMT, FIG, Industrials, Real Estate. We have also placed coverage heads for multiple Asian geographies.

Our specialized team of senior consultants is wholly focused on serving firms in the global insurance, reinsurance, insurtech and related financial services sectors. 

We have worked for most of the top twenty banks in the world as well as for key regional and local players.

We have actively supported the buildout of well-funded Digital banks and neo Banks, in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, as well as a variety of focused FinTech start ups, including CTOs, Heads of Finance, and Market Heads globally.

Business Services

We work across all functional roles for many of the world's most recognized brands in the Technology, Consumer, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and Industrial sectors. Click on a core practice to connect with our experts.

We help our clients build leadership teams who understand the complex changes in consumer businesses and stay one step ahead in a constantly evolving consumer landscape. 

As new innovations, breakthroughs and players in disruptive healthcare emerge on the horizon, we help our clients build leadership teams with the vision and will to adapt with the times.

We help clients in the technology sector find visionary leaders who not only champion technological and business model innovation, but who truly understand the complexity of navigating this ultra-competitive space.

We focus on end-to-end supply chain management and operations-related positions with clienteles across brands/importers/retailers/buyer offices, trading companies or manufacturers across Hong Kong, China and the APAC region.

As companies seek solutions to the myriad of organizational challenges, we at Global Sage are continuing to track the ongoing evolution of the HR function to help our clients tackle emerging trends such as People Science, Agile HR, Employee Experience (EX), and many others.